Want to extend the fun? Want to go for the full Summerfestival experience?
Grab your tent, call your friends and get yourself to SUMMERCAMP!
Where ?
Summercamp is located right next to the festival site on the left bank of the river Schelde and is called the ‘Middenvijver’.

The official address of the site is Blancefloerlaan, 2050 Antwerp. ATTENTION: Several roads to the Middenvijver wil be closed for traffic and there is limited parking space in the neighbourhood. Check out our chapter TRANSPORT on how to come to Summercamp the easiest way. 


If you come camping, and arrive on Saturday or Sunday, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use our festivalparking. You should use the GPS-coordinates of the BEATRIJSLAAN, 2050 ANTWERP. 
When ?
Friday June 30 from 10:00 till Monday 3rd of July till 12:00 (noon).
Summercamp Opening Night
Last year's party was epic, this year we will make it legendary! Don't miss out on the Summercamp Opening Night on Friday June 30 from 20:00 till midnight, which will be held on the festival grounds!

Warm up for the big thing on Saturday and Sunday and get a sneak peek of the festival grounds. On Saturday the festival opens its doors at noon, so there's enough time to sleep ;-)

Bring your own tent

This well-known formula gives you access to the Summercamp-campsite where you can pick your own spot and put up your own tent. You only need a Summercamp ticket which can be bought HERE. ATTENTION: One Summercamp ticket is per person not per tent!
Do you not want to drag your tent, chair, airbed ect across your journey to the Summercamp campsite?

Relax. Tentenzo got you covered. Simply, visit click on the articles/camping package you need and collect it from us when you arrive. We have plenty of packages, with a variety of tent sizes, sleeping bags and mats.

Tentenzo also sells lots of useful camping gear: torches, flasks, towels, flip flops and many more essentials for a successful stay at Summercamp check out our products at our online shop or visit us at Summercamp.
Summercamp Ticket
Get your Summercamp ticket HERE
Minimum Age
You have to be born in 2001 and turn 16 in 2017. If you didn't turn 16 before or during the weekend of Summerfestival, but you turn 16 this year, we would still love to have you at Summerfestival!

People born after 2001 are under no circumstances allowed to enter the festival or the campsite! No exceptions, not even if you're accompanied by an adult.
Food and drinks
You are allowed to bring food, water, soft drinks, beer and wine onto the Summercamp campground ONLY ONCE DURING CHECK-IN. Afterwards only water allowed. 

Only plastic UNOPENED packaging, no glass. Liquor or homemade brews are not allowed.

For safety reasons, you will not be able to bring along gas cartridges and fuels at the Summercamp campground. This means that you cannot bbq or cook at the campsite. We will provide microwaves to heat up your meals.
Gas Cartridges - not allowed
IMPORTANT: For safety reasons, gas cartridges and fuels are not allowed at the Summercamp campground. 
Festival goers who - because of medical reasons - have to carry medication and/or very specific nutrition (such as gluten-free products) to Summerfestival and Summercamp, do not have to worry. We only ask you to bring a doctor’s certificate (not just a note from your parents) which clearly states that you need that certain medication an/or nutrition. In this way our security staff can easily check if it concerns an exception, and if so, they will let you enter without any problems.
Forbidden at Summercamp
Aerosol cans, glass, drugs, bazookas and affiliated stuff, sharp items, sticks and all other objects that could be considered as a weapon. Furthermore no animals are allowed.

On buying a Summercamp ticket you agree on security check of yourself and your luggage by our official security agents. 

For more details check the House Rules of Summercamp - Article 4.
House Rules of Summercamp
The rules are available in five languages (Dutch, French, German, English, and Spanish)
They will be displayed in the Summercamp entry zone.
They will be mailed to campers in advance.
They will be available at the check-in desk.
The Summercamp Mayors are aware of the rules.

Download the house rules in your preferred language below:


2. Summercamp CHECK-IN
Check-in procedure:
1. present yourself at the campground
2. hand over your camping ticket and festival ticket
3. both tickets are checked and scanned
4. receive a wristband (valid for campsite & festival)

Check-in times:
- Friday, June 30 from 10:00 to 22:00
- Saturday, 2nd of July from 10:00 to 22:00
- Sunday, 3rd of July from 10:00 to 22:00
Article 1
People who purchase a Summercamp ticket and check into Summercamp must be acquainted with the rules and must accept and comply with the stipulations. By entering the campground, you declare yourself to be in agreement with the rules. If you do not comply with the rules, you will be denied access to the festival and to the camping.
One Summercamp ticket is valid for access to the Summercamp for one person.
People under 16 will be denied access (those born in 2001 or earlier are allowed).
The organiser retains the right to verify the identity and age of campers. Campers must be able to identify themselves if requested by security personnel. If you cannot present valid identity papers then you can be denied access to the Summercamp without being eligible for a ticket refund.
Valid identity papers include: a valid ID card, passport or driver’s license, or any other document that rules out any doubt about the person’s identity. Copies are accepted.
The camping ticket is valid for 4 days (from Friday, June 30 till Monday, 3rd of July 2017). One-day camping tickets are not offered. It is not possible to check in after Sunday, 2nd of July at 22:00.
The camping ticket is valid per person and NOT per tent.
If you lose your camping ticket or it is stolen, it will not be replaced or refunded.
The organiser retains the right to move campers if deemed required as such for the purpose of maintaining general order or safety or for the proper operation of the camping grounds.
Vehicles are not allowed on the campgrounds: cars, mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles, trailers, caravans, mobile homes, etc.
Anyone caught with a counterfeit Summercamp entry ticket or a camping/festival wristband will be prosecuted.
The camping ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded by the organisation.
Article 2
New campers will not be allowed to enter the Summercamp outside the check-in times – not even those in possession of a valid camping ticket. Campers that have already checked in and have the correct wristband (Summercamp) can enter/exit the campground at any time (24 hours a day). Your clothing and luggage might be patted down when you enter Summercamp.
Article 3
Every camper enters the Summercamp at his/her own risk. The organiser is not responsible for theft or accidents.
Article 4
You are not allowed to bring the following to the Summercamp:
- drugs or other stimulants
- gass cartridges
- products/items made of glass
- people who are in the possession of special nutrition (e.g. diabetes) must have a medical certificate
- any devices (umbrella, parasol, tripod for film or photo cameras, cane) that may be considered a hazard to other festival goers by our security staff may be refused.
- projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous states.
- inflammable products or materials, aerosol cans.
- pyrotechnic objects like Bengal fire, etc.
- any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object that can be used to cause injury.
- anything that can be used to disturb the peace, endanger the security of the crowd and/or cause damage to property and people.
- animals are not allowed on the campground (guide-dogs for people with a visual handicap are allowed but the organisation must be informed of this in advance).
Article 5
An unlimited amount of water for consumption can be brought onto the campground premises, but only when the packaging is UNOPENED, 2L bottles maximum and provided that the packaging is not made of glass.  

Other drinks are NOT allowed.
Article 6
On Friday night there is a official Summercamp Opening Night on the Summerfestival site. The Opening Night starts on Friday, June 30 at 21:00 and ends at midnight. Access to the Summercamp Opening Night is free of charge and exclusive for ALL Summercamp ticket holders.
Article 7
Gass cartridges, open fire and BBQ's are NOT allowed at the campground. 

Article 8
Summercamp offers a number of facilities, with fixed opening hours. 

Food & Beverages
- Friday: 12 noon to 1 AM
- Saturday: 9 AM to 1 AM
- Sunday: 9 AM to 1 AM
- Monday: 9 AM to 12 noon

- Saturday: 07:30 - 14:00
- Sunday: 07:30 - 14:00
- Monday: 07:30 - 11:00

Sanitary facilities and wash basins
- Open 24 hours a day, free of charge.

Separate showers for men and women are available. The cost for one shower session is 2 miles (Summerfestival currency). The opening hours are:
- Saturday: 7:00 AM to 2 PM
- Sunday: 7:00 AM to 2 PM
- Monday: 7:00 AM to 11 AM
A large number of showers will be available, but if everyone wants to shower at the same time then you might have to be patient. Please keep this in mind.

Camping shop
Campers will be able to purchase all kinds of items that they may need during their stay (camping gear such as tents, sleeping mats, pumps, chairs as well as toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, toilet paper, etc.).

The opening hours are:
- Friday : 12 noon to 1 AM
- Saturday : 9 AM to 1 AM
- Sunday : 9 AM to 9 PM

Medicines (like anti-diarrhoea agents and headache remedies) are not for sale in the Summercamp. A list of the nearest pharmacies will be available at the entry zone.

Charging mobile phones
We will provide a “charge-it service” where campers can charge their mobile phones. (limited capacity)

Withdrawing cash
You cannot withdraw cash at Summercamp or on the festival grounds. You can pay for food and beverage vouchers with bank cards or credit cards. 
Article 9
The first time you enter Summercamp, a steward will show you where you can set up your tent. If you want to put up a tent near your friends then you should check-in together and make it clear to the steward you want to be housed close together. You cannot reserve spaces for friends who will be arriving with a tent later on.

A steward determines tent locations chronologically according to the day and time of arrival and according to a pre-determined pattern for filling the Summercamp. Selecting a location of your preference is not possible.
Article 10
Summercamp is divided in large zones. Throughout the 4-day period a team of Summercamp Mayors will be responsible for each zone. Each mayor team consists of two people. They are clearly recognisable and act as a liaison for campers. They can provide information and give directions.
They will also keep an eye out for disturbances, noise, unnecessary filthiness, urinating in public, suspicious behaviour, etc. If necessary, they can call the security guards.

The Summercamp Mayors represent the organiser. You cannot appeal their instructions. Every instruction that they give related to public order and security must be followed.
Article 12
Access to the Summercamp grounds is prohibited or refused to people:
- who are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulants
- who have been banned from the festival grounds. The ban can be issued either by the organiser or administrative or legal authorities. (*)
- who show improper behaviour with the intention of disturbing the peace or encouraging others to disturb the peace.
- who resist or refuse to show their admission wristband (festival+camping ticket) and refuse to allow a pat down by the festival’s security agents.
- who resist declaring objects that are considered dangerous or are forbidden (see article 4) by the festival’s security agents.
- who act contrary to the stipulations of one or more articles of these rules.

(*) If these people still have personal items on the campground they will receive a one-way camping wristband. This enables them to recuperate their personal items, under the supervision of a security agent. After they have collected their goods, they will be banned permanently.
Article 12
Campers are not allowed to:
- enter the “not accessible to the public” part of the grounds such as production rooms, backstage areas and service roads, neutral zones, offices, etc.
- climb tents, constructions, fences, lampposts or any other infrastructure on the grounds
- block the entrances, exits and emergency exits or to stay in these places longer than is strictly necessary for entering or leaving the grounds
- disguise themselves or refuse to make themselves recognisable when asked to do so by the organisers of the event
- sell beverages, food or any other product without the explicit permission of the organiser
- throw any objects or liquids or any other product
- smoke in zones where smoking is forbidden
- urinate in public.
Article 13
All vehicles located on the Summercamp must display a proof of permission from the organiser. Offenders will be towed away at their own expense.
Article 14
Texts, symbols, images, gestures and improper remarks that give cause for racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination are strictly forbidden at the campground. Those who do so will immediately be denied access to the campground and the festival grounds by seizing and removing their festival-camping wristband.
Clothing and/or other outward references that express an explicit political movement, social movement or group are forbidden. You are not allowed to distribute flyers or hang up posters at the Summercamp (or on the street in front of the Summercamp, or on the route from the Summercamp to the festival grounds).
Article 15
Campers must follow the guidelines of the organiser or people appointed by the organiser at all times when in the Summercamp. Campers must obey the instructions of security agents, stewards, staff, wristband inspectors, ticket inspectors, Mayors, etc. If campers do not obey instructions they can be removed from the grounds. If necessary, the organiser will call the police.
Holders of an admission ticket agree to follow every instruction that they receive from the organiser related to public order and security during the event.

Visitors that have been removed from the grounds for one of the abovementioned reasons are refused entry to the festival grounds and/or the Summercamp for the rest of the festival, even if they have a new and valid admission ticket or special permission.
If the organiser has someone removed from the grounds for one of the abovementioned reasons, the organiser is not required to refund the admission ticket.
Article 16
For security reasons the organiser has the right to:
- cut short or close down the Summercamp
- temporarily keep campers on the campground, in other words keep the exits closed
- partially or completely evacuate the Summercamp
- refuse entry to the Summercamp despite being in possession of a valid admission ticket
- change the timetable of the services at the Summercamp.
In the abovementioned cases, the camping ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded.
Article 17
With reference to the Law of 8 December 1992 regarding the “Protection of privacy related to the processing of personal data, modified by the Law of 11 December 1998 implementing Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and European Council regarding the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of that data" campers are informed that the organiser collects and processes data in a computer-based file for security reasons. This law regulates the processing of personal details and the right to inspection. The personal details received when purchasing the admission ticket to the Summercamp can be used by the organiser for promotional purposes. All personal data in these files are in conformity with the regulations of the Law of 8/12/1992 regarding the protection of privacy.
Every person that enters the Summercamp agrees that he/she can be photographed and filmed and that the images can be recorded and stored. These photos or film images can be used by the organiser to promote the festival and/or the Summercamp. The recording and storage of these images by the organiser, security service or the police also occurs in order to ensure the enforcement of safety and compliance with these rules.
These images are processed in order to prevent and detect offences and infringements of the rules, and to enable sanctions through the identification of offenders. Photos or films that are taken or made by campground visitors cannot be used for commercial or public purposes except with written permission from the organiser.
Article 18
Damaging the Summercamp infrastructure, the decorations, plants or trees on the campground or the subsoil, or damaging the possessions of other campers will result in immediate removal from the Summercamp and from the festival and possible legal prosecution. 
Article 19
Camping tickets are only sold online via the official Summercamp website and resellers. Check our Find A Store page. Do not buy festival or camping tickets in any other way or from any other source.
When checking into the campground, you must present the WE festival ticket as well as the camping ticket. 

Camping tickets cannot be resold without the express permission of the organiser. Camping tickets that are resold without permission do not give entry to the festival. The organiser retains the right to cancel these camping tickets as soon as resale is determined. Costs related to ticket annulment are passed onto the purchaser.
Article 20
Summercamp is located near residential areas. We explicitly ask you to respect the surroundings. Our goal is to make the Summercamp a QUIET campground without any trouble. All our employees do what is necessary to preserve order and silence, and we expect the same from campers. This means making no unnecessary noise, both during the day and especially at night. That way you show respect to the other campers and for local residents. This also means no unnecessary garbage lying about, not on the campground and not on the streets around the festival grounds or on the route to and from the festival grounds. There are enough rubbish bins so please use them! Keep the grounds and the neighbourhood as clean as possible.
You can use the toilets for free. They will be cleaned regularly. Public urination is strictly forbidden. Those found urinating in public risk being removed from the Summercamp and the festival grounds.
Article 21
Both the Summerfestival and the Summercamp have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding drugs. Festival attendees cannot possess, use, buy or sell drugs. It is forbidden to possess, use or sell drugs on the campgrounds. Violations will result in removal from the grounds. 
Article 22
It is not possible to withdraw cash on the festival grounds or at Summercamp. On the campground and festival grounds you can purchase food-beverage vouchers with a bank card, a credit card or cash. 
Article 23
Official Summerfestival merchandise is only available on the festival grounds.
Article 24
Lockers can be rented on the festival grounds upon payment of a deposit for the key. The deposit will be returned when you hand in the key.
Article 25
For situations not foreseen in the abovementioned rules, the organisation will decide ad hoc about the measures to be taken. The organisation’s decisions are binding. If these rules are broken then a person can be removed from the campground or access to the grounds can be denied. In that event the camping ticket will not be refunded. Removal from Summercamp also implies that the person will be denied access to the festival.
Artikel 26
There will be an extra surveillance on arson on Monday ,July 5th when campers leave Summercamp by the Mayors, the Security and the police. Arson is not only very dangerous to yourself and your fellow campers, it is also a serious offence that can result in large fines and criminal prosecution.

2 days festival (july 1 & 2) 4 days camping (june 30 till july 3)