Summerfestival is more than music, it's a holiday destination. Think beach, swimming pools, shops, sports, loads of palmtrees and delicious food!

This year we will have some really cool stuff to do at Summerfestival. Festivalgoers and campers will definetely not get bored during their stay at #SF17. On Saturday July 1 and Sunday July 2 everybody can enjoy our exclusive activities by participating or watching others.

Dance, work out, surf and turf because Summerfestival is more than music!

Check out all activities in the list below or in this video HERE

PS: All activities are FREE and you don't have to sign up. First come, first served. The sports timetable will be released soon.
The Beast
BIG news! The BEAST is here!

So happy to have the world's biggest inflatable course (272m!) at Summerfestival this year! Who are you gonna race on this big boy?

Check out the video HERE

The Wavesurfer
So happy to tell you we're gonna have THE WAVESURFER on our festival this year! You can surf on this machine like you would on the beach! Who are you gonna ride the waves with?

Check out the video HERE

Bootcamp Workout
Alex of 'Temptation Island' will make you sweat during his bootcamp sessions at Summerfestival. Strength, endurance and perseverance are key if you want to follow his workouts. 

PS: Summer bodies are made at Summerfestival...

Dance Classes
Upgrade your dance moves during our Summerfestival dance classes led by Bruce Blanchard, known from Belgium's got talent. 

Show off your moves on the SF17-dance floor!

Boxing Classes
Too much energy? Daniëlla Somers, nine-time world champion boxing, will fix that for you. Release your inner beast during her boxing classes. 

American Football
One of the most spectacular sports in the world; American Football. The Antwerp Argonauts challenge you at Summerfestival. Who's up for a game of american football against our Belgian club? Will you be the one who scores the first touchdown? 

Bubble Soccer
Do we need to say more about this one?

Bubble Soccer, a combination between soccer and zorbing, will give you and your friends an awesome time at the Summerfestival playground. 

Relax and get your morning stretch at Summerfestival. Both beginners and advanced yogi's can participate our classes. 



2 days festival (july 1 & 2) 4 days camping (june 30 till july 3)