Group arrangements

Are you planning on organizing a partytrip to Summerfestival 2016 with a large group of friends? Then we have some intereseting festival benefits for you! 

When ordering 40 tickets at once, you get 4 extra tickets for free. And it gets even better : For every extra 10 tickets, you will get another FREE ticket!

So 50 tickets = 5 FREE tickets, 60 tickets = 6 FREE tickets, and so on… until you are out of buses to drive. 
Also, the administration cost is reduced from € 3,75 per ticket to € 0,50 per ticket. 
And of course, we provide a free parking space for your bus within walking distance from the festival! 

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2 days festival (july 1 & 2) 4 days camping (june 30 till july 3)