Summerfestival goes cashless. Together with Playpass, we'll make sure you can pay quicker and safer at our festival. No hassle with tickets or tokens, just one single tap with your wristband and you're good to go!

Follow all the steps below from registering and topping up your account with Miles, our Summerfestival currency, to requesting a refund of the Miles that are still left on your wristband after the festival.


Create your personal account here. Top up your account with Miles, our Summerfestival currency, with credit card, debit card or Paypal.


You already topped up your account? Hand over your booking number at the entrance of the festival. You'll receive a wristband with the right amount of Miles you paid.
You haven't topped up your account yet? You'll receive a wristband you can charge at the festival site.

Charge or recharge your wristband with Miles
  • Charge your wristband automatically with Paypal online.
  • Charge your wristband automatically with your debit card online or at one of our payment kiosks, bars or mobile top-up points.
  • Charge your wristband automatically with cash at one of our payment kiosks.

  • Your account is linked to Paypal? Keep your wristband to request your refund and receive it within one week.
  • You payed with cash or your debit card? Keep your wristband, enter your wristband code and IBAN number to request your refund. You'll receive it within one week.

The link to request your refund will be shared after the festival. You can request refund as from 48 hours after the festival. Request are only valid until 1 week from that point.

2 days festival (july 1 & 2) 4 days camping (june 30 till july 3)